Bread and crackers


We make fresh breads for you from scratch for your party. You have many choices to pick from. Here is a partial list of bread and crackers that are popular.

Our most popular is Bread Au Levain - that is bread made from 4 ingredients. Organic unbleached flour, water, sea salt, and a wild starter. No yeast, no sugar, no fats, no chemicals. The wild starter originates with the wild yeasts found naturally on organic grapes. (These are the ones that enable grapes to turn into wine). It takes two days to make the bread and allow for long slow rising to develop flavor.

Italian breads using organic unbleached flour, water, sea salt, and a biga (or 24 hour old starter), and a tiny amount of yeast. Also made with rosemary and olives.

Challah, rich dough with eggs, butter and sugar made in the traditional manner for Jewish festivals. We make huge double braids for parties, each one serving 100 people.

Potato Rolls, a popular sandwich roll that stays moist. Often paired with our slow smoked pork. Also good with our roasted beef or pork tenderloin served with chipotle mayonnaise. Also made with sun dried tomatoes in the roll.

Semolina Pocket Bread, another good sandwich choice. Especially paired with our Tunisian sandwich and chicken salads.

Wheat, rye, and roasted walnut bread. A good partner with cheese.

Rye bread. Also made with starters and organic rye and wheat flours. With or without caraway seeds.

Focaccia an Italian flatbread available with a variety of toppings.


Rosemary Olive Matzohs

Lavash with poppy and sesame seeds

Italian semolina crackers with olive oil and black pepper.

Cheddar cheese and cayenne

Grissini an Italian breadstick thinner around then a pencil, with parmesan cheese and chives.

Flatbrod Norwegian wheat, rye and oat crackers.


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