Handmade Chocolate Truffles, or solid chocolate designs


Homemade Cherry Ice Cream with toasted almonds in a cookie cup


Miniature Chocolate Carmel Boats with real gold


Apricot mousse and chocolate mousse cake, topped with apricot halves


Raspberry mousse cake topped with white chocolate curls


Clockwise from upper left:
Pear and almond tart, Mango mousse cake, Chocolate and hazelnut praline cake


Hazelnut and chocolate cake, surrounded with roasted hazelnuts, topped with chocolate curls and chocolate "Mazel Tov"


Cake wrapped with chocolate, filled with strawberry mousse and fresh strawberries


Cake wrapped chocolate, and filled with white chocolate ginger mousse, and topped with chocolate cars, for a Mazda event


Firetruck themed cake filled with passionfruit mousse


Graduation Cake filled with orange and chocolate


One dessert buffet


Yet another dessert buffet


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