Sample Menus
Below are actual menus of recent events

Buffet Menus:

1. Swordfish and leek pate in a tomato-saffron aspic
    Asian chili gingered eggplant
    3 layer cheese torta with pesto and sun dried tomatoes
    Homemade Italian breads and pepper crackers
    Warm carmelized onion and parmesan cheese tart
    Vietnamese salad rolls with shrimp and peanut dipping sauce
    Fresh fruit platter, curried walnuts
    Cookie assortment

2. Summer luncheon menu
    The Tunisian Sandwich, build your own from the following items
      -Semolina pocket bread (homemade)
      -Harissa sauce (hot pepper and garlic sauce)
      -Yukon gold potatoes with lemon and olive oil
      -carrot salad with garlic and lemon
      -michiwaya (roasted pepper and onions salad)
      -grilled tuna
      -brined lemons
      -pitted olives
      -hard boiled eggs
    Served with a cup of Tan Abour: cold cucumber and yogurt soup with mint & dill
    Cookie assortment

3. Grilled eggplant with fresh mozzarella and balsamic dressing with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes
    Skewered lamb with a garlic and lemon marinade
    Stand up Caesar salad with imported parmesan cheese
    Vegetable platter with cucumber dill dip
    Pinwheel chicken with proscuitto and spinach
    Shrimp with ginger-chili-cilantro sauce
    Polenta squares with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar
    Parmesan chive breadsticks with chive cheese dipping spread
    Potato foccacia with fresh rosemary
    French apple tart with Calvados
    Shortbread cookies

4. Fresh two bean hummus with crackers plus eggplant spread
    Fresh, homemade Challah; a golden soft egg bread
    Fresh corn chowder with chopped tomato & chive garnish
    Fresh Alaskan wild salmon in a brioche crust with a mushroom & onion filling
       served with two sauces: tomato & scallop sauce
    Fresh green beans
    Butter lettuce and citrus salad with orange vinagrette & flowers
    Dacquoise, hazelnut & chocolate dessert
    Fresh fruit platter and chocolate truffles

5. Warm Lamb-lemon-chili turnovers
    Homemade Bread and Lavosh crackers served with three different spreads:
       -Warm mushroom-goatcheese-sage spread
       -Sweet and hot pepper and walnut spread
       -Eggplant spread
    Vietnamese Salad roll with peanut sauce (vegetarian)
    Orzo salad with carrots, raisins, pine nuts & orange-ginger dressing (vegetarian)
    Curried chicken skewers with peanuts and cilantro
    Celery root salad in brussel sprout leaves
    Italian marinated shrimp
    Fresh fruit platter
    Boat tartlets with chocolate, caramel and flecks gold
    Round tartlets with lime curd and mango
    Spice molasses cookies & sesame
    Pumpkin cheesecake & rum
    Vanilla shortbread, chocolate espresso shortbread
    Rice pudding cake with sour cherries

5. Salmon with a mango salsa sauce on the side
    Tuna Carpaccio with lemons, olive oil, capers, shallots, olives
    Vietnamese chicken and cabbage salad with shrimp chips
    Lamb skewers with rosemary and garlic
    Orzo pasta salad with parsley, basil, and feta cheese, tomatoes
    Tan Abour, cold cucumber and yogurt soup with mint & dill
    Vietnamese salad rolls with shrimp & peanut sauce
    Homemade breads with three spreads:
       -Artichoke and olive
       -Turkish pepper & walnut
    Lemon meringue mousse cake with fresh berries and raspberry-strawberry sauce

6. Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil
    Smoked salmon mousse on cucumbers
    Boneless lamb in a rosemary, garlic, lemon marinade on the barbecue
    Homemade Italian breads plain and rosemary, butter
    Caesar salad with imported parmesan cheese
    White beans with corn, walnuts, and fresh sage
    Roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions with garlic and thyme
    Fresh fruit platter
    Wedding cake: passionfruit mousse with rum, 3 layers
    Strawberries dipped into chocolate

7. Slow-smoked pork sandwiches on potato rolls with mustard sauce
    Asian pasta salad with vegies and black sesame seeds
    Fresh Washington Chicken legs and thighs marinated and grilled
    Fresh fruit platter
    Fresh green beans with a tarragon, garlic and walnut dressing
    Homemade Italian breads, butter
    Fresh onion, cheese, and tomato tart
    Lemon mousse cake with fresh blueberries and a strawberry/raspberry sauce

8. Crab and cucumber hors d’oeuvres
    Warm quesadillas with leeks, goat cheese, and salsa
    Homemade Italian breads and giant lavosh crackers served with two spreads:
       -Homemade cheese torta with & Italian breads
       -Eggplant spread
    Slow-smoked pork sandwiches on potato rolls with mustard sauce
    Grilled marinated flank steak
    Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with roasted garlic and chipotle chilis served in peppers
    Mashed sweet poatoes with chipotle chilis in roasted peppers (some plain potatoes on request)
    Roasted walla walla sweet onions with fresh rosemary and balsamic vinegar
    Fresh fruit platter
    Corn and black bean salad with tomatoes and cilantro
    Mixed cabbages salad with lime dressing and pine nuts
    Birthday Cake of rice pudding with dried cherries and chocolate
    Haymarket Switchel punch (non alcoholic)


Menus for a sit-down meal:

1. Polenta squares with old balsamic vinegar and goat cheese
    Homemade rosemary olive crackers and Italian Bread
    Wild & domestic mushroom soup with sherry
    Deboned quail stuffed with spinach and served with a port and fig sauce
    Mixed wild and assorted rices with currants and toasted pecans
    Roasted delicata squash with a lime chipotle butter
    Hazelnut praline and chocolate cake with Frangelico and caramelized hazelnuts

2. Passed celery root and mustard salad stuffed romaine hearts
    Warm risotto bites with 3 cheeses and mushrooms
    Fresh dungeness crab mounds surrounded by gaspacho sauce with fresh avocado
    Homemade Italian breads with herb butter
    Fresh salmon with sorrel sauce, garlic and leek mashed potatoes
    green beans with fresh tomatoes
    Pear and cranberry tarts with creme fraiche

3. Asparagus custard served in egg shells with shrimp topping
    risotto with kabocha squash, onions and garlic
    Homemade Italian breads with butter
    Deboned fresh free range chicken stuffed with mushrooms, goatcheese & fresh sage
    Broccoli rabe with garlic
    Pumpkin rum mousse served in hollowed out baby pumpkins with cookies on the side

4. Fresh homemade Italian breads with three different spreads:
       -gorgonzola pistachio cheesecake
       -Artichoke spread
       Picholine tapenade
    Gingered squash and apple soup with chive and cream garnish
    Grilled fresh salmon marinated in an applecider, garlic, and soy
    Japanese rice with shitake and chanterelle mushrooms
    Roasted vegetables, eggplant, bell peppers multi colored, onions, zucchini, carrots
    Plum and almond tarts with whipped cream and nasturtiums

5. Leek and goatcheese tarts with fresh thyme
    Italian eggplant caponata
    Homemade Italian breads
    Fresh free range chicken breasts stuffed with apples and onions, wrapped in cabbage and cooked with an apple cider sauce served with couscous and steamed asparagus
    Dessert plate with 3 chocolate assortment:
       -White chocolate & coconut mini custard
       -Bittersweet chocolate and nut torte
       -Milk chocolate coffee mousse tower with kahlua

6. Cold vegetable terrine, spinach, turnip, carrot, mushroom with a red pepper sauce
    Homemade crackers, corn and chili plus Italian with rosemary & olive oil
    Freshly roasted duck with a hoisin-onion sauce for dipping
    Spaghetti squash with garlic and imported parmesan cheese
    Roasted new potatoes with olive oil and herbs
    Ice cream bomb composed of coconut rum ice cream and passion fruit sorbet
    Homemade chocolate truffles assortment

7. Cold mussels in a 3 pepper vinaigrette
    Homemade Italian breads with eggplant spread with onions and tomatoes, or butter
    Roasted Fresh marinated boneless leg of lamb with mustard, garlic, and lemon
    Roasted new potatoes with rosemary and garlic
    Broccoli with sake & sesame seeds
    Mixed greens salad with fresh pomegranates and balsamic dressing
    Cookie cups filled with lemon and blueberry mousse

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